Curriculum Vitae

This is the public version of my CV. Some personal information has been removed. If you require the full version then just ask, but be sure to state who you are and why you need it.

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Personal Details

Name: Daniel Martin
Date of Birth: 11th July, 1985
Address: [WITHHELD]
Telephone Number: [WITHHELD]
Mobile Number: [WITHHELD]
E-Mail Address: [WITHHELD]


2007: M.Phys (Hons) Physics with Theoretical Physics, 2(i), The University of Manchester
2003: 4 A-Levels; Maths(A), Physics(A), Biology(B), Chemistry(C)
2001: 11 GCSEs


  • Programming:I am proficient in the following languages:
    • C
    • C++
    • PHP
  • Web development:
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • Apache
    • (x)HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • Smarty - templating system
    • ADOdb - database abstraction layer
  • Packaging:
    • The GNU Build System
    • NSIS - Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
  • Operating systems:
    • GNU/Linux
    • Windows
  • Miscellaneous
    • Flex
    • Bison
    • LATEX


2005: Teaching Assistant, University of Manchester, physics department
Responsible for providing support to second year students studying the foundations of programming in C.
Skills demonstrated: C, Windows, Problem solving, Communication.


Physics simulations

As a part of my degree I have used computers to simulate physical systems such as systems of coupled pendulums (an illustration of chaos within nature), the time-evolution of a single-particle wave-function in a quantum mechanical system, plasmas, and molecules (using Monte-Carlo (stochastic) methods). I wrote reports and gave presentations detailing the work done.
Skills demonstrated: C++, The GNU Build System, NSIS, LATEX, GNU/Linux, Windows, Object-orientation, High-level numeracy, Technical writing, Problem solving, Communication.

Web development

I have created and run websites in the past and I am able to write well-formed (x)HTML and CSS. I have sound knowledge of the technologies behind modern web-development. I have written my own Content Management System in PHP and have experience with the Apache web-server and the MySQL database.
Skills demonstrated: PHP, MySQL, Apache, (x)HTML, CSS, Javascript, Smarty, ADOdb, GNU/Linux, Object-orientation, Problem solving.

Compiler/Interpreter Technologies

I have worked on a dual compiler-interpreter for a language of my own design. I have therefore gained experience in the technology behind compilers and interpreters such as lexical analysis, parsing (syntactic analysis) and semantic analysis.
Skills demonstrated: C++, Flex, Bison, The GNU Build System, GNU/Linux, Windows, Object-orientation, Problem solving.

University club captain/treasurer

I performed the combined role of captain and treasurer for a university martial arts club. I also took on the responsibility for other miscellaneous tasks for the club due to an incomplete committee.
Skills demonstrated: Leadership.

Manchester physics undergraduate mentoring scheme

I volunteered to take the role of `mentor' to a group of first year students in my university's mentoring scheme. I provided support to enable them to complete a group project together.
Skills demonstrated: Communication, Leadership.