I enjoy programming. I take great satisfaction out of creating useful entities out of mere mathematics.


I first discovered programming at the age of 10 on an Amstrad PCW my family had been given. I wrote a simple program or two in Mallard BASIC as well as playing around in LOGO. Later on I was able to experiment with Pascal on a PC, but it wasn't until I wandered into server-side web development in PHP that I wrote any useful programs. I started by modifying what was, at the time, a very popular free CMS. I later became frustrated with the quality of the code-base and decided to write my own CMS from scratch. I became interested again in normal systems programming and slowly taught myself C++, later using it to write several physics simulation programs as a part of my degree.

Software projects

Below is a list of software that I have released so far:

Web development

I've been involved in web development to some extent for the best part of a decade! I may be available for free-lance work. I have a page on why you should hire me.